· CruizCore® MS23G10

-This product will be replaced with new model soon.

The MS23G10 is a motion capture and input device used for digital entertainment applications. It is highly compact, light, and fully self-contained. It encloses two gyroscopes and a 3-axis accelerometer. The embedded adaptive reduced filter algorithm compensates for the sensor errors. The MS23G10 estimates projected X and Y displacements, roll angle, and force intensity. The X and Y displacements can be interpreted to resemble the regular mouse motion functions such as moving a pointer or an object on a display. The roll input can be used for simulating turning a jog/shuttle dial or rotating objects. The force intensity information increases the virtual reality experience in games. The MS23G10 uses an algorithm for detecting hand shaking and motionless instances in order to provide more accurate motion interpretation. The MS23G10 can be used in air-mouse devices and motion-based remote controllers.

High accuracy and resolution
Fast start-up and fully self-contained
Projected X and Y displacements
Roll angles and force Intensity outputs
Digital output (SPI/I2C/UART)
Wide bandwidth
Ultra low power consumption
Performance General Bandwidth 10Hz (max)
Warm-up time 0.3sec (typical)
Position Projected X, Y -128~127 (HID standard)
Roll attitude  Range ±180deg
Resolution 1deg
Force intensity Range ±4 g (typical)
Resolution 100 ≥ mg
Rotation intensity Range ±600 deg/sec
Resolution 0.3 ≥ deg/sec
Physical Size 25 mm x 20 mm x 6mm
Weight 3g (typical)
Electrical Operating voltage 3~5V (3.3V recommend)
Power consumption <40mW (@3.3V, typical)
Environmental Operating temperature -0 ~ 40 °C
Storage temperature -20 ~ 85 ˚C