· CruizCore® GA6100
  • CruizCore® XA3300
  • Reliable/continuous navigation system
    Receiver with 32 tracking channels and 2 fast acquisition
       channels compatible with GPS and GLONASS systems
    Automatic DR calibration
    MEMS gyroscope and accelerometer
    Arbitrary mounting angle compensation
    3D-DR/GPS with federated Kalman filter
    Map aiding functions
    Support for WAAS/EGNOS
    Low power consumption
    Compact packaging
    Up to 10Hz position and orientation output
The CruizCore® GA6100 is 3D-DR/GPS signal processing module that gives continuously precise 3D navigation information in harsh GNSS environments.
Even though most of car navigation have 3D map, it cannot be applied to 3D navigation service but only graphical display on the road. However, using the CruizCore® GA6100, it is possible to realize 3D navigation. the CruizCore® GA6100 can provide altitude in not only poen sky but also GNSS obscured ares, so that it can detect change of the floor in the underground parking lot. the product is designed to integrate GNSS, gyro, accelerometer, barometer and it has external port to integrate odometer signal using Kalman filter, Also, the CruizCore® GA6100, contains mounted angle compensation algorithm so that it can be utilized without regard to mounted angle of car navigation ineach OEM brand.
Performance Range Altitude 18,000m max
Velocity 515m/s max
Rate ±125°/s
Acceleration ±2g
Position Accuracy GPS only 1.5m (CEP 50%, 24hr static at –130dBm)
DR only < 5% of distance traveled up to 1 Km (typical)
DR/GPS ≤ 1.5m CEP with SA off (typical)
Heading Error/Drift DR only < 0.1 ˚/sec (typical)
DR/GPS < 3 ˚ (open sky, typical)
Altitude Error/Drift DR only < 0.1 ˚/sec (typical)
DR/GPS < 10 m (open sky, typical)
Receiving sensitivity Tracking -161dBm
Acquisition -145dBm (Cold Start)
-145dBm (Warm Start)
-155dBm (Hot Start)
Physical Weight < 5g
Size (L, W, H) 24 mm X 24 mm X 3.2 mm
Electrical Power consumption < 500mW
Input voltage 3.3V
Environmental Operating temperature -30 ~ 85 °C
Storage Temperature -40 ~ 85 °C
① All satellites at -130dB