· CruizCore® GA1050

The GA1050 is a reliable and precise DR/GPS navigation system. In modern cities, tall buildings and narrow streets obscure most or all GPS signals. These urban canyons can also degrade the available GPS signals by means of reflections or multi-path effects. The GA1050 guarantees continuous and accurate position even in places where the GPS signals are not available, such as tunnels and underground parking lots. The GA1050 enhances the position accuracy and availability using dead reckoning technology. Measurements from the odometer, gyroscope, and a GPS are combined using a Kalman filter, resulting in a very accurate position estimate. The GA1050 is a single board and small system that can be easily integrated in other systems such as Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) or Car Navigation System (CNS).<br />
The GA1050 is currently used in car navigation systems by major OEM automobile companies

Reliable/continuous navigation system
16-chnnel high performance GPS receiver
Automatic DR calibration
Using GPS, odometer, reverse signal and gyroscope
MEMS gyroscope contained
   (inclined angle : 20 degrees)
Fast start-up
Low power consumption
Compact package
Performance Input range Rate ± 70˚/sec
Acceleration ± 1G
Position accuracy GPS only 3 m CEP (open sky, GPS only) - ①
DR only <5% of running distance traveled up to 1Km (typical)
Heading error/drift DR only <0.5˚/sec (typical)
DR/GPS <5˚ (open sky, typical) - ①
Receiving sensitivity Tracking -159 dBm
Acquisition -146 dBm
Physical Weight <7.0g
Size (L, W, H) 27 mm X 27 mm X 6 mm
Electrical Power consumption <100mA (@3.3V, nominal)
Input voltage 3.3 ± 0.1 V (Main), 3.0~ 5.5 V (Ant.)
Environmental Operating temperature -40 ~ 85 °C
Shock 20g RMS
① All satellites at -130dB