• DR/GPS for measuring automobile position, speed and heading
  • Automobile navigation using solely GPS fails to provide continuous accurate location information. The main problem is that GPS signals can be distorted or completely blocked in tunnels, underground parking lots , urban canyons, etc. The GA1050 solves these issues by enhancing the localization solution with the car odometer and gyroscope information. The GA1050 is currently being used in automobile navigation systems by major OEM automobile companies
Position accuracy: 3meter CEP (SA off)
GPS tracking sensitivity: -159 dBm
DR only navigation error: Distance traveled 5%
  • Measuring device for automobile position and acceleration
  • The MGM1500 is device that can provide automobile position, speed, and acceleration measurements. The MGM1500 combines GPS and accelerometer data and is capable of providing accident location as well as impact information, hence makes it a perfect choice for automobile black boxes and tachography.
Position accuracy: 3meter CEP (SA off)
GPS tracking sensitivity: -159 dBm
Accelerometer output rate: 100Hz
  • 3D DR/GPS Car Navigation Module
  • The CruizCore® GA6100R is a signal processing module that provides continuous precise 3D navigation information using GPS, GLONASS, and SBAS. Under conditions that may affect or block the satellite signals such as urban canyons, underground parking structures, etc., the CruizCore® GA6100R is still capable of estimating position and altitude using dead-reckoning (DR) techniques. This is achieved using a suite of sensors that includes accelerometers, gyroscope, altimeter, and vehicle odometer. The CruizCore® GA6100R includes an angle compensation algorithm that enables mounting it with an arbitrary angle that satisfies the needs of each OEM manufacturer.
Position accuracy:1.5meterCEP(SAoff)
GPS, GLONASS, SBAS: 32 Channels
Receiving sensitivity tracking: -161dBm
DR only position accuracy: < 5% of running distance traveled up to 1km (typical)
DR only altitude accuracy: < 1m/min (relative drift, typical)