· Marion GA3390

The GA3390 is a small, control grade GPS/INS integrated navigation system. The GA3390 contains MEMS inertial sensors, optionally, it can add magnetometers and/or pressure sensors to measure the azimuth and altitude respectively. The GA3390 internally uses a Kalman filter and temperature compensation technology to provide accurate position, speed and attitude information. The data update rate of the system is 100Hz. The GA3390H is designed to meet Military Standard's environmental requirements. The GA3390 provides high performance yet at a low cost and is being used for UAV and automobile navigation.

GPS/INS integrated navigation system
Optimized 15th order kalman filter
Fast start-up and fully self-contained
Low power consumption
Temperature compensated
Compact and rugged package
Performance Input range Rate ± 150˚/sec
Acceleration +- 10G
Accuracy Position 5 m CEP (with GPS) - ①
Velocity 0.5 m/s RMS (with GPS) - ①
Roll, Pitch 0.5 ˚, 0.5 ˚ RMS (with GPS)
Heading 1.0 ˚ (with GPS)
2.0 ˚ (w/o GPS) - ②
Gyro drift 30 ~100˚/hr
Update rate <100 Hz
Physical Weight 1.2Kg (including case)
Size (L, W, H) 145mm X 115.5mm X 65.0mm(including connector)
Electrical Power consumption 5 W (nominal)
Input voltage 6 ~ 18 V(12V nominal)
Environmental Operating temperature -40 ~ 85 °C
① All satellites at -130dB
② External magnetic field compensated