· Marion GA6350
-This product will be replaced with new model soon.

The GA6350 is a tactical grade GPS/INS integrated navigation system. Because it uses MEMS inertial sensors, this device is small, light, and consumes low power. The GA6350 contains high performance L1/L2 dual frequency GPS receiver. The GA6350 provides real time navigation information containing highly precise position, speed and attitude. The GA6350 internally uses an adaptive Kalman filter designed to respond to varying conditions caused by environmental changes during the system operation. The data update rate of the system is 100Hz. The GA6350 satisfies the requirements of Military Standards and it is being used in small/medium Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

dotGPS/INS integrated navigation System
dotOptimized 15th order kalman filter
dotFast start-up and fully self-contained
dotLow power consumption
dotCompact and rugged package

Performance Input range Rate ± 1000 ˚/sec
Acceleration ± 30G
Accuracy Position 3 m CEP (with GPS)
Velocity 0.5 m/s RMS (with GPS)
Heading, Roll, Pitch 1 ˚, 0.3 ˚, 0.3 ˚ RMS (with GPS)
Gyro drift 5 ˚/hr
Update rate 100 Hz
Physical Weight 1.8 kg (including case)
Size (L, W, H) 144 mm X 146 mm X 110 mm
Electrical Power Consumption 15 W (nominal)
Input voltage 18 ~ 32 V
Environmental Operating temperature -40 ~ 85 °C