EV3 Support

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Programing Software
The following section assumes that the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 programing software has been downloaded and installed. Notice that this programing software is also backwards compatible with the LEGO NXT.
The following procedure is used to install the CruizCore XG1300L block in the EV3 programing software
1. Download the EV3 software block for the XG1300L (PC/MAC) ( XG1300L.ev3b )
2. Start the EV3 programing software
3. In the menu select File >> New Project, which will enable the import option
4. In the menu select: Tools >> Block Import
5. Select the download XG1300L.ev3b file
6. The EV3 programing software will now list the XG1300L driver
7. Highlight the XG1300L block and select Import
8. Restart the EV3 programing environment
9. The block for the XG1300L will be available under the Sensor section, which is the bottom yellow tab
Test Programs
Read all sensor data
Reading angles
Describe a 90 degree arc path
Describe a circle path
Describe a square wave path
Native C and C++ Programing Software
Information, source code, and examples showing how to use the CruizCore XG1300L with the LEGO EV3 using C and C++, has been created by a member of the LEGO community at www.robotnav.com
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