· CruizCore® XG1300L
  • CruizCore® XG1300L
  • dotUltra low bias drift
    dotHigh resolution and accuracy
    dotOutstanding scale factor linearity
    dotFast start-up
    dotFully self-contained
    dotDigital output (l2C)
    dotLow power consumption
    dotLow cost
    dotRoughed and compact package
    dotSelectable output (Angular rate, angle, acceleration)
The XG1300L is a fully self-contained digital MEMS gyroscope and accelerometer. The XG1300L is compatible with the LEGO® NXT and EV3 communication interface and can be attached using standard LEGO Technic pins and cables. The XG1300L communicates with the LEGO MINDSTORMS® NXT or EV3 using an I2C interface. The communication protocol is compatible with the LEGO MINDSTORMS Kits, hence users can use virtually any programing tool to communicate with this device. This sensor can be used in a wide range of applications, from exploring basic inertial sensing concepts up to advanced navigation applications. The XG1300L is small and light, and the electronics is protected with a solid enclosure designed to minimize external damage and facilitate handling. For convenience, the XG1300L internally integrates the gyroscope output in order to compute angle. The angle value provides a direct orientation/heading measurement in navigation applications. The XG1300L includes a signal processing unit that estimates and compensates for the most significant errors that affect gyroscopes, providing an output with minimum error. The XG1300L includes a three-axis accelerometer that can be used to sense robot collisions, detect sudden motion changes or compute tilt when stationary.
Performance Input dynamic range     ± 100 ˚/sec (continuous)
± 150 ˚/sec (instantaneous)
Rate noise (1σ @ 50Hz bandwidth) < 0.1 ˚/sec
Scale factor nonlinearity 0.5 % (typical)
Measurement range (acceleration) ±2G
Bandwidth 50 Hz
Output rate 100 Hz
Bias drift 10 ˚/hr
Physical Weight < 15 grams
Size 48 mm X 32 mm X 21 mm
Electrical Power consumption < 50mW (@5V)
Input voltage 3.75 ~ 4.75 V
Environmental Operating temperature -20 ~ 80 ˚C
Storage temperature -40 ~ 100 ˚C
Shock 200g RMs
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