· CruizCore® R1070
  • CruizCore® R1070
  • dotUltra low bias drift
    dotHigh resolution and accuracy
    dotOutstanding scale factor linearity
    dotFast start-up
    dotFully self-contained
    dotDigital output (UART/SPI)
    dotLow power consumption
    dotLow cost
    dotCompact package
The R1070 is a fully self-contained MEMS digital gyroscope for measuring orientation (heading) angles. The R1070 is a compact, low-cost yet very accurate sensing solution. It provides UART and SPI communication interfaces. The R1070 uses MEMS sensors resulting in low-cost and high reliability. The R1070 has a 50 Hz bandwidth and can measure rates up to ± 150 °/sec. The R1070 minimizes the sensor error with the help of an adaptive reduced Kalman filter. The expected error contributed by drift is less than 10 °/h and the scale-factor is accurate within 0.5% of the scale factor. The R1070 start-up time is less than one second and it does not require further calibration thereafter. Because of its small size and low power consumption, the R1070 is suitable for service robots that require accurate position estimation. It is currently been used by major cleaning robot manufacturers.
Performance Input rate ± 100 ˚/sec (continuous)
± 150 ˚/sec (instantaneous)
Rate noise (1σ @ 50Hz bandwidth) < 0.1 ˚/sec
Scale factor nonlinearity 0.5 % (typical)
Bandwidth 50 Hz
Bias drift 10 ˚/hr
Physical Weight 5 grams
Size 25mm X 20mm X 3.0mm
Electrical Power < 30mW (@3.3V)
Input voltage 3.2 ~ 5.5 V
Output rate 100Hz  (10, 25, 50Hz selectable )
Environmental Operating temperature -20 ~ 80 ˚C
Storage temperature -40 ~ 100 ˚C
Shock 200g RMs